The story of a photographer

As a teen I was often seen taking along an old film camera or polaroid with me as I stepped out of the house. I was the age of sixteen when a family friend who had a darkroom showed me the art of developing my own film. That was probably the point in time my love for the art began. For many years it was a self indulged hobby of mine, even taking a few fun college classes along the way, but once I become a mom to my own baby and began taking his photos did my hobby attract others to start asking for my services. Here I am 16 years later. I'm on a journey each and every day to better my skills and truly live up to the artist I want to be. Growth is one of life's greatest treasures. My eye is drawn to the richness of the world around me and that includes vibrant color and personal emotion; that combo envelopes my goal for every image I create.

Outside of being a photographer and business owner, I've decided to make education a forefront of my life. Over the last 16 years I've learned invaluable tips and tricks in the trade of photography as well as small business ownership. Having honed in my craft, it's time I spill the beans and spare no details! With courses available from learning to shoot in manual, to starting your small business, a full mentorship, and action packs with how to use examples; there is something for everyone!



Hannah G.

“Amy is amazing with kids- so patient, kind, and friendly. My daughter is slow to warm up to people we don’t know well, and Amy never rushes her or belittles that, while still getting priceless shots! I’d recommend her to anyone.”

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