Hi, I am Amy

Your adventure starts here

Does anyone else hate having to fill out the about me's in life. Ugh! It's my hope you see my heart weather that is through my photos, my education, or my words. I've been photographing the life of other's for over 15 years. It hardly seems that long since the years fly by and I almost forget to count them but what I do count are the people who have become friends, family, mentors, shoulders, and just every part of my soul. My life and business has come with changes and growth and I've met the most amazing people. For this reason I called myself "Flyleaf." As an avid reader, I knew that the flyleaf of any book excites me even though I'm just sitting there in front of a blank page; it's the breath before meeting new characters and the beginning of the adventure. I see this opportunity to be your photographer, educator, and friend no different. You are my flyleaf, my blank page, my endless possibilities. Shall we embark on our adventure? I hope so!